Career Insights Profile - Cover Page

The Personal Style Profile is an interactive online and downloadable PDF report that describes the general traits of a person, including their motivations, natural strengths, potential limiters and behavioral tendencies, among others.

Why use it?

In creating the life and career you want, understanding yourself is the first step.

The profile helps recipients better understand themselves. Taking action based on this knowledge leads to achieving various benefits, including:

  • Increased personal satisfaction and fulfillment (e.g. happiness) by
    • Pursuing opportunities in alignment with values and motivations, in other words, (e.g. Finding the Perfect Fit Job).
  • Improving professional effectiveness by 
    • Leveraging strengths in appropriate situations
    • Recognizing when strengths over extended become weaknesses
    • Recognizing when situations are leveraging limitations
    • Developing techniques for  overcoming natural limitations
  • Overcoming interpersonal relationship challenges by
    • Adapting communication and management approach based on motivational and style differences
  • Reducing stress by
    • Choosing a work environment suited for individual motivations and style
    • Recognizing stress inducing situations
    • Knowing what activities reduce stress
    • Planning time for stress reducing activities

How does it work?

The process starts with a simple, quick survey (less than 15 minutes) in which words and statements are selected by the participant that best describe them. The results of those choices are calculated as scores which indicate the relative intensity of measured attributes. The scores are displayed as graphs and textual descriptions in the Personal Insights Profile. Below is an example of a Hidden Motivators Profile.

Hidden Motivators Graph and Statements


What are your top motivators? What are your natural strengths and potential limitations? What is your ideal work environment?

Get Started to find out.